- Karate Bicycle


'Karate Bicycle' is a team formed by two intergalactic heroes.They where born in a planet called 'WAF - 47', a planet that will exist in the year 5724 in the future. These heroes came from space with an amazing sound and special ideas from the future to create feelings on their music, they use their weapons to generate the soul of sound, they are the complete atmosphere....!!Karate Bicycle are Ecuador-based DJ and production partnership Gianni Candell & Jorge Muñoz who are two big friends since their were kids, Together they share a soul vision that pulls together elements of house and HipHop with influences from Funk, Nu- disco and even soul music.Both from the same country they share a unique style of making electronic music with a perfect mixin of organic music with the influences of Jazz, Soul, R&B, HipHop, Reggae, Funk and Psychedelic musician like James Brown, Ray Charles, Snoop Dog, Dr Dre, KRS and other big musician.With the influences and teaching of Andre Salmon and hes friend they star making their own sounds and playing in small gig ́s with nacional djs and producres of their country such has Chris C, Carlos Recalde, Giacomo Padovani.