- Kallendario


Kallendario is the name of the project conceived by the DJ and Brazilian Producer, Bruno, 30 years old. graduated in "Production of Electronic Music in Anhembi Morumbi", where he absorbed several experiences and sonorities.With a totally innovative proposal and ripping all the current labels with his own productions, Kallendario is guided by his keen feeling, trained for almost a decade as a DJ. The Producer already has some releases on recorders of his follow up as; Perfect Driver Music, Thestroy, Klubinho, House Of Bangerz and House Of Hustle.The support for other Djs / Producers by name, is already part of his career, where by these releases, artists such as; "Billy Kenny" ("This Is not Bristol Rec"), "Matthew Anthony" (Perfect Driver Music Rec) and "ARDITTI" (Entourage Agency), fell on their magic musically.His in uences are quite diverse, since he went through some styles in his career until today. Some of the DJs / Producers who make their energies turn into creative ones; DJ Chuckie, Gregor Salto, Billy Kenny, Nick Olivetti, Holt 88, Ralvero, Bruno Furlan, Monodisco, Volac, Maximono, Danny Kolk, Vonstroke, Kyle Watson, Illusionize, Breaking Beattz, Chemical Surf, Victor Lou and more ...Kallendario is not taxed in one or another xed style, since it permeates most of them, absorbing ideas for his tracks, but is very original in his works. The strand that sounds strongest in the project is the Tech House, which receives elements from Dutch House, Tribal House, Trap Music and whatever ts into their creations, sharpening the dancing energy in their own style. The central idea of the project remains to be reference in track animation and high spirits, pouring good vibrations on the track, with its style. If you've never listened, the invitation stays here, sure enough, it ts into your story. Bookings: ✉ booking.agency.contact@gmail.com WhatsApp: bit.ly/Booking-Kallendario-WhatsApp Promos: ✉ promos.kallendario@gmail.com