- Kalica


Aleksandar Georgiev also known as “Kalica” is born on 15.07.1988 in Bitola (Macedonia). His first musical influence is from his father Petar Georgiev - Kalica, who is famous pop composer in Macedonia. Aleksandar Georgiev started his musical education in primary musical school the place where he got the first touch with music by learning to play a violin . Throughout this period he had solo and group performances in classical music and participated in national competitions where he was awarded many times like the best competitor . Since the progression of the electronic music started, he was very interested of this type of music, especially the tracks of Armin van Buuren, Roger Sanchez, Paul van Dyke, The Shapeshifters, Gadjo , Tom Novy and many others. Today he founds himself in House music witch is the major inspiration of his own produced tracks. His famous tracks are “Why Not”, "Swing Me", "World Definition","Love Land" and others.He's curently producing music for the Label "Soul Shift Music".His first release was on 12.03.2009 with his first EP "Another Step Beyond"...Two moths later he releases his single "World Definition" on the compilation "House for Sale" released by label - "Soul Shift Music".He also participated on the compilation "Ibiza Disco House" released by label -"feiyr" with his track "Why Not"..On 08.12.2009 he releases his new album "Dream Time" This time around Aleksandar Georgeiev - Kalica goes a little deeper than usual with his debut of "Dream Time" With acoustic guitar chords and deep baselinest his album has been creating quite a buzz for a few uk Dj's.