- Kako


DJ and producer from Barcelona with extensive experience in vanguard music scene, lover and ambassador of quality music.His music are extensive and diverse (HOUSE, ELECTRONICA,NU-JAZZ ...)He has published several formats...LP'S, MX'S, RMX'S Including celebrities such as: FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD, GLORIA EST EFAN, CLAUDIA BRUKEN,T HALIA... His productions are high quality and operates with (PROT OOLS, LOGIC PRO...)He has collaborated with Spanish Dj's... CESAR de MELERO, MIKEL MOLINA, SERGIO PAT RICIO, GABRIEL CUBERO, J.LOUIS, FERRAN BENAVENT, FREDDY MARQUEZ ... He has collaborated with prestigious record labels from SPAIN, USA, SWIT Z ERLAND, GERMANY, ITALY, FRANCE AND LAT IN AMERICA (BLANCO Y NEGRO, CASSAGRANDE, ARCADE, EMI, CAYMAN, AT LANT IC, Z UB RECORDINGS, UNIVERSAL, HOUSE WORKS, BUILDING RECORDS, WOXT ERMUSIC, INSOLANCE, ON WORK ...)It has a band called "FUNKTASTIK" and is the label manager of "ON WORK/Electronic Music Label"