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For the first time Kaiser Gayser (a.k.a. D.J.Technik ) debuted with his music at ( in the end of 2004. After this first release, his tracks quickly end up on top of download charts in 'House' department at, it was an unexpected success. Later the track 'Strange' has been downloaded so many times that management of the site decided to take it off ( because the server couldn't rework amount of all downloads at ones, and therefore constantly crashed). After a week or so, all tracks has been brought back ready for downloads.Sins that time till now Kaiser Gayser have been a part of many projects. He became well known as independent underground D.J. and dance producer with the new vision and sophisticated sence of taste.In 2010 he successfully launched a monthly radio show at called ' SomeWhere'. The show contains live and studio recordings, D.J. Sets and recording of performances from Kaiser Gayser his friends and other artists from all over the world.You can find more information about Kaiser Gayser on Internet pages at Facebook/Myspace/RA e.t.c.Selected Discography Of Kaiser GayserDarkness Falls Across The Land PIPI Media 2004 Megapolis / Met ropolis PIPI Media 2005 Nude Megamix Sabocon 2006 Simple Dance Tracks Vol One Sabocon/PipiMedia 2007 The Phoenix E.P. PIPI Media 2007E.C.F.M. PIPI Media/DJ Friendly 2007 The Moon Sabocon 2008 Wemix 105 DJ Friendly 2008 Deeper Spring Refresh DJ Friendly 2009 Run Down Juno 2010Only Hope UCM 2010 Joly InsomniaFM Records 2012 Constellation UCM 2012 Blue Ocean InsomniaFM Digital 2012 Panic Attack Sabocon 2012 Whales And Dolphins InsomniaFM Abstracts 2012 Overthrow InsomniaFM Abstracts 2012