- Kaiser Gayser


Kaiser Gayser is independent electronic music artist who have made a lot of mixes, bootlegs as well as own tracks and albums. Some of his works you can find on Itunes, Beatport, Google Music, Juno, Amazon, Yandex, YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion etc. In his music he always trying to create a certain kind of atmosphere, he loves to imitate the Universe, the sounds of ‘Open Space’ the emotions, the great power of surrounding us nature. Music of Kaiser Gayser is sensual, powerful, hypnotic and mysterious, it is very easy to see that he’ve got his own sound signature. In his DJ sets/Live Performances he always trying to create a ‘Story’ something to take listeners or visitors away from their daily routine and let enjoy the ‘Another World’ where they can find themselves dancing and being happy and inspired. For more info please surf to www.kaisergayser.xyz