- Kade Sellic


While the name Kade Sellic might be new the experience in terms of music stretches back over a decade. At the ripe age of 21 Kade Sellic has a track record boasting numerous beatport chartings and releases under different monikers. After discovering techno and falling in love with the culture the focus of his time shifted towards a new and fresh approach towards techno. Realizing his potential in the scene Kade began the production of his two debut releases: 'Iridium' & 'Water' set to be released in early 2018 on UK based Darmecs label 'Blue Monkey Records'. The music can only be described as a modern take on techno drawing influence from artists such as The Advent, Industryalizer and Adam Beyer. Kade Sellic was first debuted with a 2 hour DJ Set at the legendary "Emmaboda Festivalen 2017" which is considered one of the most influential underground festivals in Sweden as of now.