Key Commands
 - Kaayaas


Musician has always by the practice of the flute and accordion, influenced by many music as gypsy, jazz, world music, drum n bass, dub, psytrance, and electroacousitc music.Myths, magic and the mysteries of our origins are the subjects of Kaayaas's music, and so is the ambiguity between love and war, compassion and fear, between shadow and light.Through these energies, humans have always sought to dominate their environment and, shaping it in their own image, it may be better to re-learn to just look at it.Man may evolve into technology, but he remains a being with primitive feelings.His sounds consist of groovy and dark basslines, from tribal influences, mystical, ethnic and acid shades, psyche, forest and organic, He released his Debut Album "Stone Age" in august 2015."Look in your being, look around you, and maybe you will begin to understand who you are."