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K1W1 - R.A.R.E - NOSI - Basicmatter - (S)innerscene - New York - New ZealandBiographyK1W1 is a truly talented musical artist with an open mind and a heart of gold. From New Z ealand to the world, K1W1 has shared his passion and spiritual connection with music for over 14 years. He currently specializes in the creative arts of Djing, Mixing Vinyl, Music Production and Audio Engineering – without the use of his primary arm -- whilst also having passions for surfing, snowboarding and motor cars.As a kid, K1W1 had access to his father’s vinyl collection and was immediately hooked by the warm crackle and pop. Growing up on EDM and Alternative Dance Music and a desire for adventure, he traveled to Los Angeles after graduating from University. Still blessed with both arms, he proceeded to backpack and surf his way through Mexico and Costa Rica. There, while surfing in CR, he envisioned creating a positive connection with mankind through the inherently tribal components found in dance music.Next stop London, naturally. Where he became involved with several underground raves held beneath the London Bridge. This is when he began to work with such artists like:Aphex Twin, The Warp, and Adam Williams of the Erhythmics.All this led to New York City in 2000. K1W1 didn’t miss a beat, tapping into the vibrant nightlife and rocking enthusiastic audiences big and small, with regular performances at famous clubs like: Vinyl/Arc, Centro Fly, Love, & Sullivan Room as well as bookings with promoters: Blk Market, BasicNYC, & Rob Promotions. Over the years, K1W1 has opened for many international artists including Jeff Mills,Alexi Delano & Danny Tenaglia -- who praised K1W1 as “future legend and DJ” in an interview for DJ MAG.Sadly, due to a very traumatizing car accident in 2011 his primary arm was crushed and eventually severed. Life was turned upside-down and tying a shoe became a day-to-day challenge. Despite his situation, he remains humble and positive, which in turn inspires others to give their best. One of the last old school taught DJs, K1W1’s large vinyl collection and love of the Technics turntables has been garnering critical praise and respect for leaving the computer at home in favor of mixing vinyl, even with one arm.Despite the enormous handicap for his chosen field of work, he’s still driven to make his dream come true. Fundamentally trained in DJ-ing & sound engineering, K1W1 brings appreciation and deep understanding of music, the EDM underground, and late-night sets that have built his solid reputation. Quite simply, he takes listeners on a journey.The last few years K1W1 saw the fruition of many hours spent in the studio with the release of a handful of tracks on up and coming label NOSI. With a long awaited album and several other projects in the works, it’s safe to say that K1W1 is just finding his groove. Stay tuned...www.k1w1.co.ukwww.facebook.com/THE.ONE.AND.ONLY.K1W1