- K:Miss


K:MiSS is a self-confessed music junkie and uses her timeadding her flair, vocals and lyrics to the music in her life.After studying contemporary music in London she took adifferent turn and found passion within deep house andtechno, which guided her to Ibiza. K:MiSS developed hersound living the club scene and surrounds herself with DJsand producers within deep house who inspire her to domore.K:MiSS collaborated with her good friends Filth & Splendourearlier this year, and released her first single 'Life Time' (onBaroque Records) which was then picked up and used asone of the Beatport remix competition tracks. Since then, shehas had her second release with James Trystan 'Give it ToMe' which features bad boy remixes from Hauswerks andS.K.A.M. Following this release she has been working inparticular with Hauswerks creating dope sounds and hasjust had her 3rd release on his Nine to Five EP on ModaBlack.K:MiSS is constantly writing and will be performing acrossEurope this year, spending most of her time in the 2 placesshe calls home. Ibiza and her studio.