- K-Billy


Firstly we need to indicate that among “many others” this natural-born dj/producer Onur Kaymak (better known as K-Billy) didn’t start to play piano at the age of five.. Yeah we are pretty sure you know what we’r talking about.. But on the other hand, more than 10 years he is one of the most listened radio personality of Turkey, every weekday doing his radio show and still on the top.. And also with the year 2013 a new decade starts for K-Billy.. Touring around the world and played many countries like America, Germany, Ukraine, Greece, Austria etc.. Every beat he drops, long production nights and finally we are pretty sure that house music scene ready to welcome K-Billy.. There are DJ’s,.. great DJ’s… and K-Billy who is simply an effing genius. When you have the privilege to watch and listen to him work close up, we are pretty sure you can’t get that driving beat outta your head. More than that, watching him twiddle the keys and knobs on his 4-table system simply dazzle you… Hats off to a true “master of the dirty digital dance”..