- Justin Maes


Justin Maes, Dutch DJ, producer, remixer, podcaster at Electrifying Underground. He grew up in a talented family his father is a great guitar player and his sister a amazing singer! And soon his family also noticed that Justin had a huge talent too he started singing at the age of 4 and continued doing that. He was greatly inspired by artists like Daft Punk and Michael Jackson. 3 years ago Justin discovered the music production program Cubase that his father used for his productions so already in 2009 Justin got active with producing with his father. In september 2010 Justin got his own copy of Cubase and started doing productions with hip hop beats and releasing singing covers on YouTube which became quite a succes. But Justin wasn’t pleased cause he thought his voice wasnt fully grown yet and stopped singing on YouTube he became a fulltime music producer and with a little advice from his dad this year became amazing for him. He learned very much about producing music and also got into DJ-Ing also he did met great talented people this year and also reached 50.000 views on his YouTube channel this year and also collaborated with 2 great talented singers called J- Hype and Sonny. He also started up his own independent record label with his friend Frederik Buchard. He also joined up with a Electronic Division a great EDM Network. Justin is currently working hard on some remixes and originals. Justin Maes first release is a remix for David Heat & Hack N Slash on the German Label Glovel Records.