- Julz Winfield


Southern California Native Julz Winfield aka Butter Factorywas heavily influenced by the funk, soul, and disco playedby his mom and aunts growing up. His passion for musicand art has always been a vital part of who he is. He beganlearning music production in 1996 when he began learningthe basics of sampling and recording on a sony four trackminidisk recorder and akai rack samplers. The Undergroundhiphop music scene is what peeked his interest and wherehe learned hands on techniques to record his first album"The Man Made Chemicals". In 1999 he was introduced tothe rave scene in Southern California which led him topurchase a Roland Mc-505 Groovebox. Experimenting withdifferent sound pallets opened his eyes to a whole newworld of music and once he found deep house he finallyfound the sound he was looking for. Today he finds himselfin the perfect position to take what he's learned andcontinue to push the sound just as those did before him.