- Juan Tdt


English Bio:Juan Torres de la Torre aka Juan Tdt is a young sound technician and electronic music producer that was born in Valladolid (Spain) in 1985. His musical live started in 2006 when he started produce techno music whith his friend Juan Fuika.In 2007 borns Kabuki League whit h t he t rack "End Sesion" in Triple Recordings,the label of A Paul, Darkrow and Mooz. From 2008 Juan plays djing and live act on many clubs and festivals in Spain.In 2011 borns Voodoo Soul Records, Juan tdt have ́s an active work in his label. In 2012 borns Narco Squad, the musical union of Efren and Juan Tdt.In 2012 will come out many references in labels like Underground Family Recordings, Voodoo Soul Records and much more..