- Joy & Chris Noiz


Joy & Chris Noiz are one of the most auspicious artists from the E-Booking DJ Agency.They met each other a few years back and their common passion for music quickly made them in to the duo they're today.Over the years they've played at some of the most renowned clubs and venues in Bulgaria such as Dance Club Mania, Viper Rooms, Cacao Beach, Club Plazma, Chervilo Plovdiv, Bedroom and many more ,which let to the development of their futuristic music.Their style is a blend of fat basslines ,consequential grooves and hypnotic keys tinged with deep wistful mood ,and the result of it is a musical journey that leaves everybody appeased on the dance floor.You can hear their music on many bulgarian and international radio stations like:IBIZA Global Radio, Radio NOVA, Alpha Radio, Katra FM and Insomnia FM.They release on labels such as: Hotfingers,Stolen Soul Music, Ellectrica Recordings, Soulman Music, Nervine Records, and many more.