- Josian


Josian was born on Sept ember 27 in Valencia, Owner ofApsides Records & Ret rude Records and spanish DJand producer. It is t ime t o buy his first t urnt ables wit hhis brot her Javi, where bot h experienced t heir firstmixes t oget her wit hout prior t raining. At t hat verymoment and so far, led him t o fall and be part of hislife t o music, and enjoy t he best in every moment oft his wonder. True t o his st yle and vision of elect ronicmusic is st eeped in t he elect ronic cult ure in all it sforms which leads him t o know t he progression andevolut ion of music perfect ly. It has a brut al andext ensive discography, which many would like, not justelect ronic music but also, in his view, t he greatclassical music. His sessions are charact erized by t heirenergy, st rengt h and explosive mixt ures. Wit h acareful select ion t o keep in t ouch wit h t he everydaymusic. In his career as a dj has gone t hrough severalclubs and pubs in Spain. He has also worked wit hseveral radio shows, bot h nat ionally andint ernat ionally, where she present s her newreferences, t he most out st anding records in t heirsuit case and sessions t hat perfect ly reflect s it s linemore personal, wit h a careful select ion of music. Hisst yle, when produced, is const ant ly evolving wit h t heint ent ion of showing t he public a more prominent , wit hsounds roof-house, progressive, deep ... accumulat ingand several product ions and remixes for various labelsand art ist s and are usually support ed by Feat ured DJs,producers, club's and radio st at ions worldwide. Wit hit s first product ion in t he U.S. and got several t ops inmusic chart s and music port als. His product ions havefresh air, wit h a t ouch of seriousness, very rhyt hmic,wit h lot s of groove and have t he help and support ofart ist s like John Selway, Mast iksoul, Audiojack,Francesco Farfa, Supernova, Dosem, Tony Thomas,Luigi Rocca, Giorgio Giordano, Garcynoise…and manymore art ist s bot h nat ionally and int ernat ionally.