- Joseph Indelicato


Joseph Indelicato aka Jindo started his NightLife experience at an early age. in the Mid-late 90's he was playing Teen parties building his reputation among Local Promoters & Owners as a Master of the TurnTables. In the early 2000's Joseph started realizing, that he did not just want to blend records, but he wanted to Create the music that others would live and party to. In 2005 Joseph was already was heavy into music production before his creation of Jindo. He had early success with his original "Learn to Dance" also getting attention from his remixes of "Charlotte - Skin" , "Arthur Baker - The Breaks" and catching lightning in a bottle with his remix of "Last night a dj saved my life". With these original & remix works Joseph had already set himself apart from many other producer/dj's out there, creating new cutting edge sounds for the average club goer.