- Joris Mulen


JORIS MULEN LIVE/DJ/PRODUCER/ELECTROCIRCLE LABEL MANAGER From his early childhood & thru his father's influences Joris Mulen has been close to Jazz, Soul, Rhythm&Blues, Classical Music & French Music. He very quickly learns guitar, keyboards, drumkit & anything that can sound rhythmical & melodious. At the age of 6, he receives his 1rst computer, at 9 his 1rst synth & until then, he's been continuously producing his own music. Discovering Techno music by going to his first Rave, this style would now always influence his productions. In the 90's, Joris starts to play as a DJ & performs for live-acts in France, for Techno events & his productions still keep this "efficient style" or taste for "relevant sounds & positive atmospheres"... Going from a deep & groovy House to an "overboosted" Hard-Techno, he plays for the crowds alongside big names of the International Electronic Scene. At the end of the 90's, he also collaborates with the prestigious Booking Agency & French label Teckmics with his friends Sebastopol & "Sir" Miloch! In 2000, Joris reachs out some kind of a "turning point" in his artistic career by temporarily stoping djing in order to dedicate himself to studio productions. He composes & produces several records of artists of the French Jazz Scene such as : Pat Milesi, Eric Bensoussan & The Human Touch. In 2002, the meeting with Dj Ralph will give birth to the Ralph'n'Jo duet in which he's also the singer. Their first maxi Whitefloor will be one of the deciding factors for David Guetta to found his label F***Me I'm Famous! The power of this Maxi leads the track to be playlisted internationally by the biggest Djs. In 2006, he releases the track To The Limits on the label Happy Music & this dancefloor "killer" track has already been remixed more than 20 times! Joris Mulen is an artist who proposes rare high-quality mixes & live performances, full of sincerity, "panache" & technical skills, that have already satisfied and convinced several Clubs & party Organizers.


100 Top Techno Productions 2011 - Deluxe Edition
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Tuestatic | 2011-12-06