- Jordy Bruno


Jordy Bruno, Gianfranco Brunori's artist name, is a professional Athlete in Martial arts and a student at the Turin Polytechnic. He was born in Moncalieri, near Turin, on the 1st July 1997. Very soon, during music lessons at school, he stood out for the original personality of his compositions.When he Was 12 he Was deeply stirred by electro-music which Made him undertake a new path. This let him become the reference dj at private parties. Three years later he debuted in Turin with a 7 hours non-stop dj set, amazing the clubbers with his performance. This sixteen-year-old guy began his rising as dj and since then he has been engaged by the best clubs and record labels in Turin.His main characteristics: his unmistakable music style and his fluo green attire. Soon available his later production, "Rakete", a rocket giving off rhythmic and intriguing music for 4 minutes of deep emotions.After the great success on the M2O radio of his first production "Rakete", he is heard in most of Italy.His last summer production will be out soon. Full of power and rhythm.