- Jonas Bergmann


RAW HISTORY OF JONAS BERGMANN ...Producer / DJThrough the past Jonas Bergmann performed with many sorts of Orchestres on Keyboard since 2003 - 2008.And made a good friendship between samples and sounds in around 2009. The young producer came out with his first official remix of a known person in Denmark, "Silas Holst" from the Danish Television Show "Vild med dans" with his single"My La" produced by Dixi music. Over 3.000 people was infected with JB's remix at the Grand Opening release party In Copenhagen.J.B. Filled his ears with Deep Music in 2010 by listening to New Rythms and Sub-genre of the Original House Music and played a lot of it during his DJ sets outdoors. This was a time where his passion for Deep house, Tech house and other kinds of Underground / Fasion Music was like a new adventure for him. In 2011 Midnightmood Recordings / Basic Groove from The Netherlands signed Jonas Bergmann's Worldwide EP release "Musical Universe". Alarm (Original Mix) & Nature & Sound (Original Mix) was produced following great support from labels around the world.His music has also been played around The Island Of Bornholm on "Bandfight TV2 Bornholm (Theme Track)", "BornfilmTV - Svigtet (Short-Movie) Directed by Christina Hobel" .Recording samples and adjusting sample Cue's, clips, and tempo with a lot of groove, hits the buttom of Jonas Bergmann's actions live in the mix inside the Studio or behind the dj equipment.He is playing out loud on every Night Club around The Island Of Bornholm performing new experiences and arts of Music and movements, inspired by a new type and taste of his own House music.Label support :Midnightmood Recordings / Basic Groove [Netherlands / Eindhoven]www.midnightmoodrecordings.com2013-05-13 19:06:09 jbergmann93@hotmail.com Jonas BergmannBaltic Recordings [Denmark]Artist Bio1