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 - John Joseph


John Joseph, a / Argentine producer dj born in 1986, at age 7 I Began playing keyboards at age 11 Began taking music lessons, and listen to bands like Cold Play, Guns & Roses and Franz Ferdinand, in his teens found the musical style I liked: undergrund electronic music, from trance and finally most beautiful and enjoyable styles like progressive, deep, tech and techno. DECIDED one at that time to take classes dj (vinyl and digial) and his knowledge of music Agreed to start producing his own tracks. They released in 2011 Their first single Techno: Paranoia (Original Mix) for sale on Beatport for No Signal Records, the same year they experienced as Cadre Their first live dj, sharing a cabin several times and with artists like Marcelo Vasami Frangellico. in 2013, was Summoned by the Spanish record label Caruosel Mystique (owner Franzis-D), to launch several new remixes and the original tracks. I Began his monthly Radio program TIMECODE 'S on Golden Wings Music Radio (Wcross owner). In 2014 caught the attention of the great Lowbit Records label (Sonic Union Owner) to launch a new original track: Eine Straße im Sturm (Original Mix) by Various Artist compilation ... in this same year 2014 he had the honor of performing the warm up party in the large opening of new label Golden Wings Music Label which had its first release of artists of great size (Scotty.A, Rich Curtis, Bastards of Funk, Sonic Union, Nikko.Z, Ioan Gamboa, Marc Poppcke, Tvardovsky) party that played with Scotty.A and again with Marcelo Vasami. Keep learning every day with love of music to offer the best sound and show your audience is your mission. Lowbit recors Mystique records Carousel Golden Wing Music Radio Listen my Radio Show on Golden Wings Music Radio the 4th Monday of the month at 22Hs.Arg. / 19Hs.Mex. / 01Hs.GMT / 02Hs.CET / 17 Hs.LA Timecode's Radio Show by John Joseph