- Joe Hander


Make new live project is formed by the Dancer, Singer, Model and DJ Lerian and the Dancer/Coreographer, Music Producer and Dj Joe Hander, with influences of Dance styles, Electro House, Trance and Progressive. The differential design is the union of all its arts, Dj set, Performance Dance and Vocal Live. Began in 2010 and in 2011 received the proposal to make a tour in China for 4 months. Returning to Brazil Joe Hander began to be recognized as a Music Producer, something that already had been working for 6 years. How autodidact feels prepared only in 2011, when he began to disseminate their productions and thus received the invitation from the National Record (Fire Beats Music) to remix a track (Her Calling de Rodrigo Baron & Andre Martin Feat Mari B.) his first official remix released. In 2012 Joe Hander began to stand out for its originality in the form of produce, with captivating melodies and heavy bass conquering producers and Record Labels such as International.