Jacopo Lattanzio aka JLTZ is a DJ and producer born in Rome in 1991. Music has been his shelter since boyhood, starting with hip hop and then moving on to electronic music.It has become a channel to connect his emotions to the outer world developing a sensibility which changed his approach to life. Music is the source of inspiration which influences his thoughts and actions, an abstract alternative to a pragmatic reality. This instinctive call has pushed him to find the right creative spirit to live his relationship with music in a more intense and visceral manner. The tendencies that have influenced him artistically were the “new” house of the early 2000 and the arise of the plastic-like minimal which has approached him more and more to club culture and its various shades.The infinite passion and determined research of new sounds have driven him finally to the world of techno through which he discovers deep inside his subconscious the most expressive essence of his art. At the age of twenty he makes his first experiences in studio: this is where his massive and obscure painted sound takes shape, characterized by dark and introspective settings. The accurate sound design highlights his productions and makes them clearly recognisable.