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In computing, a glitch is an unexpected feature, an inaccuracy that provides a new particularity, a different perspective that reminds us that the unusual has a special flavor. In electronic music, Jglitch proposes precisely that: a distinct project that is born from the fusion of genres, sound experimentation, and the knowledge that following common formulas on the dance floor is for those who do not experience a real appetite for music.His career began more than 15 years ago, achieving success with progressive trance. Now, via his new project, Jglitch experiments with a more introspective approach, not loosing the strength his sound gained through trance music; bringing to the dance floor a musical hybrid that satisfies all those who like an intense dance experience typical to the outdoors, now introduced to the club.Starting off 2017 on the right foot, Jglitch is one of the founders of V Sun Records, a new record label offering a wide spectrum of musical genres such as minimal, deep house, tech house, deep techno, techno and alike.