- Jesse Oliver


Jesse Oliver is a well known producer from Helsinki/Finland. During his distinguished career he has worked as a studio assistant for some of the most well known recording studios in his native Finland. During this time he was able to show his full spectrum of talent by playing bass, as well as programming synth for quite a few of the releases that where being produced in the studio’s Jesse used to work. Ultimately, turning him into the incredibly gifted producer which he is today and who has consistently been delivering top-quality releases for years. Last year he ventured into the totally different genre of punk rock by mixing and recording a EP for a well known band from Finland. Jesse is also know for his work as composer assistant for world famous and award wining composer for TV, Film, Theatre and Concerts: Timo Hietala, hereby once more confirming his immense adaptability and talent to wonder off into different territories without ever loosing his identity. Jesse is a producer with a clear point of view and the production chops to deliver quality every single time.