- Jeremy Moore


Jeremy Moore is a Gemini. Crazy and irreverent. Smoothand aggressive. An ambivalent mix of magic and creativity.Precision and indifference.Born in 1982, the year of the Rooster under the ChineseZ odiac. He likes to be cocky indeed, especially whenhandling vinyl, spinning and cutting, with taste.Attracted to music since early childhood, he soon put hishands on the first mixer. At 15 he played in a club for thefirst time, mixing the tunes. People got thrilled. His positivevibes have never stopped over the years, as he worked andcollaborated with several radio stations and organisations,in Switzerland and abroad.Now in 2012 Jeremy is working on some new material, fullyconnected with the world, continuing his metamorphosis. Incollaboration with artists and designers, he creates newpieces for the delight of the heart & mind of a Universe ofrevellers and dancers. New lunar stones imbued withpassion and magic are coming soon. He has always treatedand surprised everybody. And after the moon, he will land onMars.