- Jerando & Gomez


Jerando and Gomez is the new double trouble that signed by Solid Recordings and are part of the Core Artist Roster and ambassadors in Berlin. A superb combination of minds and talents that makes this duo unstoppable and an act to look out for!Rafael Gomez was born in a small town near Frankfurt and as he was a piano player from a tender age later he got together an amiga 500 and a bass guitar and by the age of 15 he was producing music. After a rock band attempt he moved to the electronic scene of colognewhere he performed lots of live acts and in 2001 Rafael released his first single on Substatic followed by more on Treibstoff. He played a leading role on the launch of the selective label Substatic alongside with Mia and Falko and with his release "Resurrect" took the label and his project to the front ranks of the new Cologne Sound which later became world known.Jerando is one of those gems that make the Berlin club scene so vivid. He is a fan followed DJ in venues like Bar 25 where he is playing for 10 years now and other clubs like Arena,Watergate and Ritterbutzke.As an organizer he was part of the Netaudio Festival until he started a party series and a label called Werkstoffmusik. His first remix for Dreher and Smart was instantly praised by the Club scene in Germany and beyond.