- James Coddington


James Jackson Coddington is a true original with heart pounding, bleeding edge tracks that blur the lines between art, emotion and technology. So underground, he’s nearly in China. He has been DJing and Producing original tracks for over 20 years and has had the honor of playing festivals, parties and huge events coast to coast. Some of the more notable events include Cascade, Photosynthesis, Decibel Festival, Gemini, and Skylab III.Growing up in Boulder Colorado James got his first set of Technics 1200’s in 1997. Shortly afterwards he formed a group known as Equulei that quickly gained steam locally, even opening up for Richie Hawtin. After his time in Boulder he relocated to Chicago and lived there for 8 years throwing large events at the infamous 657 and 660 West Lake Lofts. He has shared the decks with Terry Mullen, Amon Tobin along with the entire Ninja Tunes Crew, and even the legendary DJ Keoki.He says the inspiration for his sound is the pounding of machinery, the ecstasy of flight, the impending doom of our species and the everlasting power of love. Over the years he has used many different monikers for production and performance but has decided to start releasing on CLKWRK Records under his real name. His years of experience in the studio and performing live yield impressive sounds that any electronic music fan can instantly identify with.