- Jakob


Jakob: ‘Pop has to get you T hinking’Half of the hit duo The Loft emerges as a solo artist. Jakob Weise explores the territory between the crystal clear commercial and the wistfully melancholic sound.Jakob released two albums with the group The Loft, No Ordinary Man and Little Paul’s BLVD, and both albums sold gold. Two of the songs from the aforementioned albums, 'No Ordinary Man' and 'Forever', were inspired by Jakob’s father’s surrender to cancer in 2001, and 'Forever' became a big national hit. Currently, Jakob is promoting an urban/electronic track with with a lot of soulful vocals on called 'City Of Dreams.' The song is about and heavily inspired by his love for New York City. This is the first song, released in July 2013, under No Records Copenhagen with Jakob as a co-founder and partner.