- Jak3eh


Real name-Jay Y Jethmalani Artist name-Jak3eh Jak3eh Is a Japanese Based Artist Was Born on was born on april 28th 1989,Jak3eh Yuu K Akatsuki are husband & Wife Aot/Aoto Anna/AA.Chan is Daughters of Jak3eh Yuu K Akatsuk Jak3eh @ Yuu K Akatsuki AOt/Aoto Anna/AA.Chan Started There Own Record Label/Imprimt Called Golden Oppurtunity Record Label/imprint,Golden Oppurtunity Record Label Was Born in march 9th 2018 Founded By it is roots/Little Angel Roots/Owners/future owners Jak3eh root/owner/producer/dj Yuu K Akatsuk Root/owner/producer/dj of golden oppurtunity, Of Golden Oppurtunity Record Label, AOt/Aoto little angel roots/future owners/producer/dj Anna/AA.Chan Little angel Roots/Future owners/producers/dj's Of Golden Oppurtunity Record Label,music is been Jak3eh-I Wake up with you First release is On @yuu K Akatsuki Jak3eh Aot/Aoto Anna/AA.Chan Golden oppurtunity Record label Lovely Angel Beloved Family/team Jak3eh-I Wake Up With you Is Dedicated To Jak3eh's wife Yuu K Akatsuki Jak3eh Daughters Aot/Aoto Anna/AA.Chan Jak3eh interest since when he was 5 years old and started growing his Love and interest Towards music more and more, at 2007,His love and interest for Electronic Dance Music Grew More Jak3eh Yuu K Akatsuki Aot/Aoto Anna/AA.Chan Says a Loyal Beloved Family/Team is very very improtant with out a a Loyal Beloved Family/team an artists are never born In the Future Jak3eh yuu Akatsuki Aot/Aoto Anna/AA.chan Wants to teach the def People how to Feel The Music Because Def People Can Not Hear Music This Artist BioGraphy Where Jak3eh Yuu K Akatsuki Aot Aoto Anna/AA.Chan Mentions All The Golden Oppurtunity record Label Beloved Family members we do not write about our selves an artist with golden opurtunity record label lovely angel beloved family/team.do not miss out for more in the future from Golden Oppurtunity Lovely Angel Beloved Family Artist