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 - Jairo Catelo


Over the past months, Jairo Catelo has rapidly built a fine reputation for his elegant and organic productions. Hailing from Gijon in the Asturias region of Spain, Jairo began his musical journey in 1997. Over the years he has played for clubs and events including La Real, Tik, Rocamar,, Loop and Phonotica and held residencies at Berlin, Metro and Baby's. Early 2009 saw his 'Dragged Souls EP' on My Cup of Tea gain critical acclaim and support from artists including Danny Tenaglia, 2000 and One and Loco Dice. His thoughtful blend of soulful, percussive sounds, with a deep, dubby edge soon won him more fans and he was invited to release EP's on Plastic City and Darkroom Dubs, the label of SIlicone Soul. He has also just remixed the latest single from the Scottish duo 'Hurt People, Hurt People', which is due for release in Feb '2010 on Soma records. This summer saw Jairo's remix of Nima Gorji's 'Obbatala', the first release of Climatic Sound label, win him yet more support, and helped the release go on to feature in many DJ's charts and playlists. this year will be fruitful in collaborations and publications (Darkroom dubs, Kiara,Defected rec,Extended play ), which says a lot of his work......


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