- Jacopo Dal Bello


Jacopo Dal Bello was born in 1995 in northern Italy, near Venice. After several years of piano, he discovered electronic music and began to buy his first records at 15. Immediately fascinated by techno, acid and dark sounds, he began composing his collection of vinyls. When he was 18, he started his career in some clubs in the nearby area; with his “warm up” sets he began to make himself known to the public and to promoters. His commitment and efforts, together with his unique technique and music led him to become dj resident for many relevant labels such as Re-Fresh. At 17 he started his career in music production. His rst incredible escalation began in 2016, when Richie Hawtin played some of his tracks in the BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix Live Podcast. From that moment, he releases many tracks with Black Swan Recordings, Maintain Replay Records,Typ3 Records, Egothermia Records. Thanks to his commitment in the recording studio, he contributed to the birth of a new music genre. Starting from the arrangement, he then adds minimal, ambient and acid sounds. His unstoppable passion for the pursue of innovative sounds leads him to create various dj sets, yet maintaining his unique identity.