- Jacky 0


Giacomo Cella has been writing letters to an imaginary pen-pal named Zero since he was a kid. In these letters, he carefully inspects and explores the tiniest details of his own inner labyrinths, from the more joyful and uplifting allies all the way to the darkest corners.This is how Giacomo— who in his day to day life goes by the name of ‘Jacky’ — on top of working as a composer and sound designer for advertising, fashion, films and other audiovisual projects came up, in 2010, with the name Jacky 0 (zero) for his personal artistic production.By linking these two strands of his personality together, "Jacky 0” was born as the ongoing correspondence between “Jacky” and “Zero”; and every sound, word, album, collaboration or live performance must be read as part of this endless dialogue which is, at last, a constant process of self-discovery from Jacky to Zero and back.