- Jacki-E


Jacki-e is a DJ / Producer from Northamptonshire in the UK. With her partner, P-mac, she has her own weekly radio show, A Darker Wave, in which she plays the best in new underground techno. She has recently started a second show, Draw The Line Radio Show, which features the amazing music being made by women DJs and Producers and which is showing that the overwhelming male bias in festival and club line ups and in set track lists is totally unnecessary. She has played DJ sets in clubs in Germany, in the Midlands, on the South Coast and in London and she also produces her own original tracks and remixes. Her latest single, “Marionette,' a collaboration with American DJ / Producer Eric Louis, is released by Get Physical Music. Jacki-e's in uences are the techno, deep house, jungle, dnb and the ethos of the acid house raves and festivals of the early 90's. If you listen carefully you can hear the underlying stories which have in uenced her in her preference for the darker edge of electronic dance music.