- J. MTZ


Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico (1982), Jorge Martinez (J. MTZ A.K.A. Mindless Reactions A.K.A. George MTZ) started with music since real young. At age 6 he took piano lessons and then at 8 started taking guitar lessons. When in high school he started taking interest in the electronic music, specially "House, Lounge and Trance" and when he got out of high school, he began assisting to EDM events. In 2002 he started spinning trance in various weekly events making a name for himself and letting know other people about him. Thru 2004 he played in some local events including international talents from diferent electronic music genres. In early 2005 he took the interest of making his own music, experimenting with diferent software and styles. To the day, he still making a distintive sound of lounge and funk that makes his music stand out above all other in the island.