- J.A.K.A.M


JAKAM–DJ/Producer– Born in Tokyo, Japan. As one of the leading figures, JAKAM has been developing the music scene in Japan from the early 90s. not only as a Band member but, as a DJ he has a boundless range of genre in music. from: Drum& Bass, Techno, House, Hip Hop, Reggae, Jazz to Rock. Combining all the different music, he creates the most unique time and space on the dance floor. From his travel around the world, recording music and DJing. (U.S.A./Africa/Australia/Astoria/Brazil/Cuba/Croatia/India/ Indonesia/Vietnam) He has extended his fans on both sides of the decks, listeners and artist. He formed NXS in 1999. NXS is a session project carried by the core player Juzu a.k.a. Moochy. NXS combines cross-over, clash, fusion, sound effects and vibes that combine impromptu and programmed performance producing a one-of-a-kind sound. The live session with different vibes creates a new groove to the space. NXS began with a session at Liquid Room at Shinjuku in 1999 that included a performance by Mad Professor.Also in 1999 NXS recorded its first joint session with Naoyuki Uchida(Dry&Heavy). NXS released Sleeper, a remix album that featured Toshio Kajiwara& DJ Olive (NY), EYE (Boredoms), Paradox (Reinforced) & J.A.K.A.M. in 2001. Their first album ‘Pearl, Snake, Bird,Dawn’ was recorded in 2001 and released in 2002. In 2003 NXS released the ‘Pearl Snake Bird Dawn’ remix album that featured Kuniyuki (Natural Resource), Kaoru Inoue (Chari Chari), Tomoki, Saidrum, EBZ, and others. From his Travel around the world and in Japan he has been behind the decks with: Adam Ffreeland (UK) / Alex Patterson (The Orb, UK) Andy Baz (Background Records, Germany) / Dego (4Hero, UK) Fabio (UK) / Francois K (NY) / Foolish Felix (UK) / Grooverider (UK) I.G.Culture (People, UK) / Jeff Mills (Chicago) / Joe Claussell (NY) Nick the Record (UK) / Moodyman (Detroit) / Panasea (Germany) PHOTEK (UK) / Q-Bert & Inbisibl Skratch Piklz, Mix Master Mike with D-Styles, Yogafrog and Shortcut (USA) / Storm(MetalHeadz, UK) / Suv (Fullcycle, UKvaries) / Theo Parrish(Detroit) Boredoms (JP) / FAUST (Germany) / Dennis Bovell(UK) / Dillinger Escape Plan (NY) / Juno Reacter (UK) /Lee Perry (Jamaica) / LKJ (UK) / Lake Trout (USA) / Mad Proffesor (UK) / Meat Beat Manifesto (UK) / Merzbow , MMW (USA) In and around Japan, he is also a member of regular parties and festivals such as: Rhythm Freaks / Life Force / Equinox / And more. Recently he has been performing as a DJ, live PA, sound programmer, bassist, mix engineer, etc., JAKAM is known under some different names. such as Juzu(for Boredoms Remix, etc.), J.O.P.O.L.O. (for Buffalo Daughter Remix),MONKA, etc. Both listeners and artists alike admire his work around the world. From contemporary to roots, he delves into new visions of sound and conjures something new. His style keeps evolving and defies categorization. In the spring of 2005 JAKAM released his 1st solo album with Cuban musicians. In 2007 released mini Album “Re:momentos Introduction”( recorded with Vietnam & Hawaiian Musicians and also include Joe Claussell,Terre Themlitz & Panoptikum) And have released 2nd Album “Memories” in 2008 . When NXS performed as opening act in Tokyo for Holger Czucay (ex-CAN member, Germany) he said he had not seen a show that cool in 10 years. No doubt his style is FREESTYLE. ...New Album “Memories” out NOW!!!