- Ivan Picazo


Ivan Picazo is a spanish DJ and producer born in 78. A great music lover and a big connoisseur of different styles of the electronic music that applies in his productions and DJ sets.His first works started at the beggining of 2010 with releases in labels as Nulogic, Cr2 Records, Espai Music... it has received support by artists as: Richie Hawtin, Digweed, Roger Sanchez, Carlo Lio, Soul Minority, Dj Chus, Marco Carola, Tim Green, Saeed Younan, Noir and many others...2011 has started very well for Ivan, his new track for Sincopat (Affkt's label) and the magic & special remix for the first track of Triumph (Espai Music Owner) are a great proof of it, receiving big support from the underground scene.The Traveller -Nostrax 001- is the best EP till date of Picazo, has had this year 2011, a recognition throughout the press devoted to electronic music (Klubbers, Onlyhousemusic, DJ Mag etc).In late 2011, comes to light another EP, along with one of the legends of the club culture in Spain. Ivan Picazo & Robert X - Oddity, shows that this artist is capable of anything.Keep an eye on his productions, a lot of nice works are coming this year. Ivan Picazo is one of the most interesting and talented Spanish producers of the last brood of national dance artists.