- Ivan Kabeyo


Ivan Kabeyo DJ / Producer Born in Vitoria, KAbeyo Ivan's fondness for music comes from very small. attracted ever since he saw the first turntables and mixer Ivan played with them and learned to self always mix began to educate his ear with what today are classics of electronic music, without even knowing he was beginning to lay the foundations of their future. His early influences came from the 90's with the first threads acid house, hardfloor, joey beltram, jeff mills, surgeon, Pacou, DJs like Oscar mule, Surgeon, Regis, Ima & traps once I catch attention for music techno. In the 95 participating in the first contest of acting in several local DJs vitoria, becoming semi-finalists from there begins to act in several clubs and gets his first residency at vitoria.A Klub K2-from there began a growing career that has led him to act in cinemas all over the zone name: Pravda, Universal, Gallery, Room Nox, Room 31 , Txill out, Itzela, Play, Pagoa, Absolute, Loggia ... also heavily influenced by rave culture begins to act in numerous local raves. Given his passion for music and the very young computer immediately began to be interested in music production, using the first production software It takes little in consegir its first hardware drum machine and learn to programarla.Enseguida felt love for the hardware and started to save for their first instruments buy several drum machines, Synthesizers and learned to program them, after a long struggle in 2010 gets to settle down and set up his own studio and currently with a lot of energy and future projects.