- Ironfist


In an ever-flourishing oasis of musical vanguards, Ironfist is breaking the chains of conformity and blending genres to create his own brand of electronic music. After receiving his Masters in Music Technology Innovation from Berklee College of Music, Ironfist (AKA Nicholas Zeigler) took a leap of faith and moved to one of the most progressive music cities - Berlin, Germany. It was there that he began to discover a love for house and techno, while also keeping up his musical chops playing live around the city. During his time with the live, electronic jam- band My Secret Session, Ironfist would alternate between being a hired gun and resident musician - performing as the session’s DJ, bass guitarist and bass clarinetist. He would further the scope of his live music experience while also working with Sofar Sounds as their audio engineer and sound guru. His journey has taken him to Los Angeles, where Ironfist has since released 6 EP’s (including remixes and collaborations with My Secret Playground, TAIINA, and Madame De Fer), as well as creating production music professionally with fellow producer Boulishious Bird. His goal - to release music independently and to create a community for fellow music innovators - has come to fruition in the founding of Rabotat Records in 2018.