- Iltoro


IltoroPierantonio Gualtiericlassically trained study percussion atConservatory of Music L. Cherubini in Florence Italyin the 80’ start to play drums in vary new waves bands in Italyin the 90’ work as studio engineer and producer with rock electronic groups beside producer the likes ofGareth Jones ( Depeche mode ) Carlo Rossi Alberto Pirellilearning invaluable secret to master the art of recording musicIn the mean time as Artist produce Techno and Tech house vinyl for labels such Urban Mantra , Moustache, Neuton ,Prime, News , Music Manall records that are still on sale after more than 20 years some of them rare and big valuedin 2001 moved for few years in Koh Phangan ( Thailand )where his taken the sound of Techno( completely unknown at that moment in the island )at a new level of psychedelic experienceILTOROhas the ability to perform Electronic music in a way that adapt completely to the place and the crewmaking his vision a sharing act and a memorable journey for allIt doesn’t matter where you are inyou’ll be transported in his dream of sounds technology and grooveat a level of frequency that will blow your mindand make you danceforever