- Il Viaggiatore


Gian Paolo Fontani, A.K.A. Il Viaggiatore, was born in La Spezia on February 12 several years ago… His passion for music is obvious since his youth… In 1999 he began to experiment 'by playing with' music with a simple Playstation software, enjoying in trying to gather the sounds… In 2003 he started using PC and learned how to use Fruity Loops sequencer… In 2005 the switch from Windows to Mac, and to Logic software, brought Il Viaggiatore to become closer and closer to the world of music, attempting to produce more and more demos… In 2012, after many years of undertaking, he took up the career of producer with Gamepad Records label, and published a single, an EP and an album, as well as some remixes of other producers… In the early 2013 Il Viaggiatore published a new single called 'Melancholy' on Italo Rumble Digital label… Il Viaggiatore loves to experiment, and he means to carry on with this purpose, since Music is the most powerful passion he has...