IKØN is the musical incarnation of Nicolas Bestea from Lyon, France. He caught the psytrance bug early on, getting hooked by renowned artists and labels of the scene. He quickly learned the tricks of the trade to produce his own brand if masterfully crafted psytrance, using a unique blend of progressive leads, sprinkled with a touch of full-on, all carried by deep and powerful bass lines. He swiftly rose within the scene, sharing the stage with influential legends such as Astrix and Ajja. In 2019, he was added to the already stellar roster of TechSafari Records, securing his place as an artist not to be taken lightly. Already, incredible releases are lining up and with more to come, it’s a sure fact that IKØN is gonna leave his mark wherever he plays. IKØN is inviting you on a trip; dare to go along!