- Idin & Dadmehr


Idin & Dadmehr is an Iranian Dj/producer team/band due consisting of Aydin Gorji and Dadmehr Berahmandzadeh.This EDM band formed over in June 2014 and released single tracks on Iranian websites until found an opportunity to take part in an Iranian electronic music contest for the first time and being in the list of the top Persian Djs.After that competition the idea of working in international market came to their minds and also try producing musics which have English vocals.While They released their first tracks in international websites as an album "top Persian Djs" in 2017(the album who winners of the contest were qualified to participate in),they started to work with a new vocal "Tina Amy" who sang in their new track for the first time in English which is going to release under sign of MFrecordsThey are going to release some other songs with english vocal soon In future house and future bass and dance genres .