IBXResident DJ - Kool Concept CO - Label Connected Israel Bageston aka IBX is a Deejay and producer from a new generation giving their first steps, however firm and solid within the Independent E-Music scene, his productions make clear their characteristic musical trend! IBX already accumulates some releases and supports. Its releases by Swerve Digital UK, Sousa Label, Armada Music, KMS Records and US Label Beachside Records have had many important supports, in addition to this "Move This" track in the 9th position Techhouse - (Trackitdown), and the track "Brazucando" in the 37th position Techhouse - (Traxsource) IBX also had some releases on Brazilian labels such as Lokik, BlackMilk, Rolling Music, Konkre & Trash Society. Important Clubs: Republic (Canada), Vibe Club (Punta Cana), Solare (Miami - EUA), Mystique (Canada), Clash Club (SP), ParkArt (PR), Danghai (PR),Live Advanced, Flowers Sunset, Hoss Club, House Prime, Pepsi Club, Hipster, Atmosphere Festival, Cyclus Festival - "SuperAfter Degde Stage” etc... SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/ibxoficial Page: https://www.facebook.com/djIBX/