- Ian Barras


Ian was born and raised in Rotterdam, T he Netherlands.Ian’s interest in music was apparent at a early age as hewould play with his grandfathers harmonica. His liking to theharmonica was contributed to the many years of hisgrandfather playing it. His musical interest, at the age oftwelve, lead him to start playing with two cassette playersand start recording live sets mixed only by using the recordand pause button. Onto the age of fourteen were Ian startedto DJ at local events and at his school. From the moneyearned at these events he was able to purchase himself aproper mixer and turntables.At the age of eighteen he bought his first sampler an AkaiS700. Combine that with an Atari computer and a Roland505 drum computer he started to make simple house music.Working with what he presently had was inspiring Ian todedicate more time in the process of musical compositions.He started to produce background music for severalcompanies and that open the door for him to work at a radiostation in the evenings. He was starting to work with famoussingers in the Netherlands. Working with the singers wasgiving him the stimulation he wanted to receive in themusical field.Onto the age of 486 pc Computer where Ian purchased onewith a Gravis soundcard to make his first mixes which weregoing to be released. It has been no looking back sincethen, of course he has upgraded since the 486 but the manthat won the Michael Jackson mega-mix never learned toplay any traditional instruments. Utilizing his computers tothe fullest ability.