- I3000


Mario became a deejay in an accident. Not many storiesbegins in this way but this the case thereof.Before to be a deejay, Mario was a mountain bike downhillrider. T he musical world was rock and roll, hip hop, metaland that was where came the first musical influences. T heelectronic sounds were emerging in this landscape in thesame time than a big shock for Mario.Since then, Mario continues to discover many sounds fromthe deep to tech house, always with the same desire toshare. He plays mainly on the the Namur stage influencedby his deejay friends Loulou Players, Olivier Gregoire akaKolomboHe has already played alongside Loulou Players, OlivierGregoire aka Kolombo, Bardy, Tofke, Mr Magnetic and manymore.He is one of the the resident on RADIO ST UDIO ONE.He starts now to produce under I3000 with a latinbackground and rhythmics but also with a kind ofmelancholy...