- Hyperact


Hyperact is the psy trance project formed by DJ Shelter or Bruno Fernandes residing in Natal, Brazil. His music is marked by lines, strong new synthesizer sounds and dancing beats. For production, he used Logic Pro 9 as the prefered software including for presentations, Ableton Live!Currently working as a music producer, Shelter or Hyperact controls your project live psytrance full-on and searches not only new events to present his latest project, but also the opportunity to make new partnerships with cores, labels and electronic music projects.Getting involved with music, Bruno or DJ Shelter has always been interested in the electronic elements from old prog bands like New Order, Pink Floyd, etc, until the present day, with the expansion of psychedelic music in the world (Evenflow, Mad Maxx, Massive, Pause, Braniac, Attik, etc). Today, with great evolution of the music industry, Bruno has always sought to keep up with new trends, always keeping his sound updated with music and dance that mark major events. Soon after, in 2005, he started as Dee Jay, participated in important events in his state as well as in neighboring states, always showing his infectious sound, and his strong, serious signature.