- Hyde & Sick


Hyde & Sick is a magical bond of 3 different characters filled with creative spirit that combines friendship, great love for music and desire to share positive feelings. Exactly this combination, also with great effort and dedication that manifests Hyde & Sick, for a very short time makes their name recognizable on the club scene. Till this moment, they achieved several of their ambit ion and gained invaluable experience, as in t eam work, views on music, also in irreplaceable friendship. But now they bear to other dreams and goals, and for t hat t ime, t hey are working on t heir new album and EPs. Hyde & Sick proudly stand behind the editions for Guesthouse, Natural Rhythm, Estrada, Muzik X Press, Disko Zoo and Solid Beat. Their unique style has won the support of many leading figures in the global scene, giving them the chance to join some other record labels, in time, you’ll soon find out whichone. The sound of Hyde & Sick appeared in all major clubs and festivals in Serbia, like at Exit Festival, Love Fest, Bel Expo Center, The Tube and many others. Also, they shared DJ booth with Darren Emersson, Ben Sims, Hernan Cattaneo, Gramophonedzie, Alex Moreno, T ommy Largo, DJ Mes and Dave Combined. Play t he game of Hyde & Sick wit h Phill Dirt y, Pedja Yukyuk and Kristijan Molnar and warm up your weekend with Christallization Radio Show.