- Hunab Ku


Hunab Ku It is the project based on music and inspired by the Mexican culture in Mexico Aldair Morfin and Wilhem Zetina. This duo is originally from Salamanca Gto. where Aldair and Wilhem's love and attachment to electronic music emerged, from an early age they witnessed for the first time the electronic rock concert, nu wave Depeche Mode, "true love at first sight". They dreamed of becoming DJ/producers and spent their teenage years booking techno artists for their underground parties. The union and love for the music made them discover their complementary talents and marked the origin of Hunab Ku.Inspiration can only be created by absorbing art, music, literature and film. The change in melodic sound has given rise to some labels. They debuted in 2018 signing to the Chelsea based label Kundy Music, then came the second Spanish / Swiss label Ghara Records, later with the label Discokat Records and lead them to participate in different labels in compilations. Making the collaboration for the remix of "Karmina" for the label Raelian Music and "Anjuna" for the label Mufon records. Later on they opened the way to sign with the label callote with this ep called "Tijaax".