- Hugcaro


Hugcaro, also known as Erotic Vagrancy, is a Spanish DJ and music producer based in London.In 2011, Hugcaro created his digital record label SYCDmusic to release his production work and commission remixes of music producers and artists he admires. Any style, any genre.T he concept and branding of the record label is clear: to pay homage to artists and bands he likes, and also some of the greatest cities, building and architects he venerates with the covers of the singles. SYCDmusic is about influences.Complementing Hugcaro's SYCDmusic record label was the introduction of sound engineer/producer/DJ James Hurr by The Soup Dragons/The High Fidelity/DJ Hifi Sean.Although appearing for the first time in the summer of 2011 with SYCDmusic debut single Shangri-La featuring Spanish singer/songwriter Rafael de Alba, Hugcaro has been a prolific international DJ for several years playing under a different moniker.Hugcaro/Erotic Vagrancy's work is licensed to several compilation albums, more recently Taito Tikaro's Matinee Summer 2013 compilation CD.