- Hubertus Van Reisinger


Hubertus van Reisinger is an austrian DJ and producer who began his carreer in 2007. After a year trying to get on with Drum'N'Bass, he more and more concentrated to the straighter beats, playing Minimal and Tech House. At the same time he made his first steps producing his own tracks. In 2010 he discovered the magic of Deep House. It was the birth of what he is today - a totally House-addicted guy. He started to face up with the warmer side of electronic music - funky, bassy and groovy sounds turned to his favour. From that time on he got the attention of some small Underground-labels. In 2011 he signed his debut EP at australian based label On It Records. One year later his hard work should get payed off. Blueberry Gardens, his second release on Berlin based label WAAP Records (We Are All Prostitutes), get the attention of some highly known pro DJ's and Producers. Since 2013 he's a member, artist and promoter for the fresh, austrian based House & Deep House label Hoover the House Records.